Keeping Up Recap: Does Kim, Kourtney or Khloe Win Episode 1?

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As Keeping Up‘s season 6 is in full gear, we at Teen.com are going to be recapping the entire season, full-force. Except instead of your usual this happened, and then this happened, we’re going to be grading the sisters each episode on a very scientific point scale from 1-10, giving points to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney (and probs Kendall and Kylie, too) based on their actions in each episode.

So let’s begin with episode 1, shall we?

Kim: The world episode revolved mostly about Kim, as she talked about her then-new boyf, Kris Humphries, and how she was reserving all the “K” names for their kids. To which Khloe and the rest of the family retorted “You’re talking about marriage already?” Touche, Khloe. Touche.
Khloe: Kim got angry at Khloe for having pictures of Kim’s ex boyfriends in her house, but Khloe said she didn’t want to change the pictures (or double date, for that matter), until she thought Kris was the real deal. We know, Khloe, we get emotionally attached to Kim’s boys, too. And Khloe also fought with her mom Kris when her and Kourtney didn’t show up to an important business meeting to teach her a lesson that family comes before business.
Kourtney: And speaking of family coming before business, Kourtney and Scott held family game night at their place, but Kim was a no-show because she was in New York with Kris, and Kris (the mom) was a no-show because she had a meeting.

And now for the results:

Kim’s Tally: 5/10 for trying to bring Kris into the family, but we’re deducting points for her major freak-out at Khloe.
Khloe’s Tally: 9/10 for being an awesome sister and just all-around awesome, but she loses a point for skipping out on Kris’ important meeting.
Kourtney’s Tally: 7/10 for getting the fam together for family game night, but we’re subtracting 3 points because, well, because she’s still with Scott. Whatever.

So, Khloe won the first episode of the season! Stay tuned next week when we’ll recap and grade the girls again, but tell us — do you agree with our tallies? What’d you think of the first episode? Spill in the comments, K-dash fans!