Luckiest Fan Ever? Keenan Cahill Sings With and Sits on Katy Perry (Video)

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Ya know that YouTube cutie Keenan Cahill who lip syncs to every song ever in his bedroom and then films it? Well his life just got 5.5 million times cooler because unlike here, this time he’s lip synching backstage. At a Katy Perry concert. With Katy Perry. And he even gets to sit on her lap while they belt it out to “Teenage Dream”. Yup, pretty sure Keenan‘s teenage dream just came true one thousand times over.

Oh, and how could we forget? Kitty Purry was there too…

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And PS: Stay tuned for Teen.com’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Keenan later this week! Are you a fan of Keenan’s? What’s your fave of his vids?! We wanna know here!