Keegan Allen and Ashley Benson Shoot Down (Our) Dating Rumors Via Twitter… Awkward

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If you were reading Teen.com earlier today, you may have seen a story on Pretty Little Liars co-stars Keegan Allen and Ashley Benson dating speculation. Well, imagine #thatawkwardmoment when Keegan himself decided to debunk the relationship rumor… by calling us out on Twitter!

That’s right! Keegan responded to us!!!!!! Also… he might hate us. He even shot it down a second time after Teen.com reader Priscila tweeted about our article.

And, not that it was directed at us or anything, but Ashley took the time to tweet about it too.

So we guess ‘Keegley’ was all in our head. Truthfully, we just liked saying Keegley… like, a lot. Now let’s reflect on all the good times we had with this rumor…


And the shot that inspired it all, Instagrammed by Keegan himself. Nothing like adding fuel to the fire, guys. But we believe you and will go back to obsessing over Andrew and Emma now.

Ashley Benson and Keegan Allen Kissing


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