5 Roles Kaya Scodelario Would’ve Filled Already… If It Were Up to Fans

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Aside from her starring role on the hit British television show Skins, Kaya Scodelario shot up to YA stardom with her role as Teresa in The Maze Runner in 2014. And it seems like that was only the beginning! Now, less than two years later, Kaya is on to bigger and better things since recently being cast in the upcoming fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. So, needless to say, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her soon.

But what other roles would fans have loved to see the brunette beauty play? From missed opportunities, to upcoming possibilities, and even her own personal dream roles, there’s a couple of movies fans would’ve loved to see Kaya act in — and some that she still has the chance to be a part of!

1. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games — Believe it or not, Kaya was actually one of the actresses who auditioned for the role of Katniss! And what did fans have to say about it? Following an article sharing the news on MTV.com, they actually seemed pretty impressed with the idea of Kaya sporting the famous braid. But, as you already know, she lost out on the part to Jennifer Lawrence. Good thing she still snagged the role of Teresa in The Maze Runner, though!

2. Alaska, Looking For Alaska — While the star of John Green’s latest book-turned-movie hasn’t been cast yet, fans have been pulling hard for Kaya as Alaska with the hashtag #KayaScodelarioAsAlaska. And considering that Shailene Woodley took on both Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars, we would love to see Kaya take on two YA characters as well. There’s still hope!

3. Arianne Martell, Games of Thrones — Currently, the character of Arianne Martell is not featured in the hit HBO series. However, that didn’t stop fans from thinking that Kaya would be perfect for the part! In fact, an article with Wetpaint even aligned how Kaya’s Skins character was so similar that — if she was cast — she would obviously nail it. And we couldn’t agree more!

4. Young Keith Richards, Unknown Biopic — While there’s been no information yet on whether a Keith Richards biopic will actually be made or not, this actress is already lining up to fill the spot. “I really want to play a young Keith Richards. I genuinely do. I’m going to make it happen even if it’s me on my iPhone, I’m doing it!” she told Collider. “That’s my dream role to play a young Keith Richards. I really want to do something set in the late Sixties.  I love the youth generation of that decade. I think they did so much and they had such a power behind them. I love the music. I love the Woodstock era.” But, seriously, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! Someone please make this movie.

5. Bond Girl, Unknown James Bond film — Although it’s not clear as to whether or not Kaya was ever up for the role, the Skins actress revealed that being in a James Bond movie was one of her goals. However, her dream of playing a Bond girl may be different than what you might originally be thinking. “I want to do a Bond girl who doesn’t actually sleep with Bond,” says Kaya, “and kills him!” Talk about a twist! But, honestly, we could totally see that. And it’s awesome.

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