Two of Your Maze Runner Faves May’ve Actually Hooked Up IRL!

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You may love Kaya Scodelario for her role as Teresa in The Maze Runner, but the actress has been pretty hard to ignore ever since she her breakout role on the show Skins. However, usually most of what you’ve heard about her is strictly professional. As the leading lady of a YA franchise, she seems to get cast in the shadows of her on-screen counterparts — such as Dylan O’Brien — as well as other YA leading ladies, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley. But that doesn’t make her any less lovable!

In fact, while there are many things you may not know about this leading lady, one of the things you may be unaware of is her relationship history. And she’s had quite a few serious relationships over the years! Here are all of the hotties that put Kaya first on their list of lovely ladies. (Or, at least were rumored to do so.)

1. Jack O’Connell — Kaya was said to have dated her Skins co-star after they met on set in the summer of 2008. However, their relationship supposedly fizzled out after just one short year. But, luckily for us, we get to relive it all by watching re-runs of their characters, Effy and James, on the show!

2. Elliot Tittensor — This relationship was a bit of a messy one. Kaya was said to be dating the Shameless star ever since she split with her Skins co-star, Jack O’Connell, in 2009. However, after Elliot got in legal trouble following a major car accident, their long-term relationship came to an end — and Kaya had to speak for him in court! Yikes.

3. Nicholas Hoult — It turns out that Jack wasn’t the only Skins co-star once linked to the YA actress. In fact, she was said to have been dating Jennifer Lawrence’s ex briefly back in 2014 — after Skins was done filming in 2013! However, watching these two act together on the show can’t really provide you with the relationship feels… since they played brother and sister on TV!

4. Dylan O’Brien — We all know that Dylan is happily dating Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson. But that didn’t stop the rumor mill from linking him with his Maze Runner on-screen love interest! After they starred in the first film in 2014, their friendship was questioned. However, considering that Kaya started dating her current fiancé soon after, the odds seem to be unlikely. Sorry, Thomas-Teresa shippers!

5. Benjamin Walker — Although Kaya has had a bit of a relationship history, Benjamin is The One! What started out as a friendship between the two actors on set of the film The Moon and The Sun in April 2014 quickly turned into romance — and now they’re engaged! Kaya decided to say yes to Benjamin in December 2015. Here’s to hoping that the cast of The Maze Runner will be at the wedding. We want photos!



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