Vote! Which Weekend Musical Performance Was Your Fave, Drake, Katy Or Gaga? (Videos)

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In case you were too busy this weekend, ya know, having a life and being social, let us fill you in on who performed where over the course of Saturday and Sunday, shall we? Ok then. Well, first there was Drake, who was in New York City as the musical guest on SNL. And all was awesome until Nicki Minaj hit the stage with Drizzy to perform their new single, “Make Me Proud.” Yeah, then it turned really awesome. Watch it unfold below:

Meanwhile, Katy Perry was over in the UK performing her new single, “The One That Got Away,” on X-Factor.” We’re kind of loving the slow-downed version of the song. Catch it here:

And finally there was Lady Gaga, who perhaps topped all the others by performing a bunch of her recent hits in front of former President Clinton. Yeah, epic, we know. Watch both vids below:

So, who do you think put on the best weekend performance? Did you catch any of them on TV? Tell us in the comments and make sure to vote in our poll, mmkay?!