Morning Announcements: Katy Perry’s Tour Announcement and BIG Bieber News!

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Katy Perry has announced the tour dates and more deets for her “California Dreams” tour! And the opening act is… [Idolator]

Superbowl night will be a big one for Gleeks and Beliebers! A 30-second commercial for Justin Bieber‘s documentary, “Never Say Never,” will air during Glee‘s superbowl eppie. [Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of Bieber, he’ll be performing at the Grammys! And so will Usher and Bruno Mars and Jaden Smith and… [MTV]

The Social Network has just broken another record — it’s the number one selling (and renting) DVD in its first week of release. [Hollywood Reporter]

MTV execs think Skins is too racy. Could the network try to tone down the show? [Vulture]

Looks like the Cullens could be turning into real vampires for Breaking Dawn. One of them said the cast doesn’t even “have time to eat!” [E! Online]

Snooki is a New York Times bestselling author! No comment. [Popcrunch]