The Weeknd Spotted Hanging with Katy Perry After Bella Hadid Reunion

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It’s been a whirlwind of a month for The Weeknd. First, he and Selena Gomez broke up. Then, he was seen hanging out with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid, which caused people to freak the heck out. Now, Abel Tesfaye is back in the news because he was spotted grabbing dinner with none other than Katy Perry.

The musicians dined together at Italian restaurant Madeo in West Hollywood, Calif. last night. The stars arrived separately around 9 p.m., but onlookers say they were definitely eating together inside. Katy and The Weeknd left around midnight, heading off in their own vehicles.

While the hangout is a little random, there’s no reason to believe the two stars are anything more than just friends. The “Starboy” crooner has recently rekindled his relationship (a platonic one, of course) with ex Bella Hadid, and apparently there’s the potential for a romance to happen again in the future.

“He is talking to Bella a lot and they’ve hung out too,” a source close to him told People. “They are not back together. There are still feelings though. Abel never stopped loving Bella.”

Abella broke up just over a year ago because “their schedules [were] too hard to coordinate.”

There’s seemingly no hard feelings between the 21-year-old supermodel and SelGo, even though they both dated the same guy, because Bella liked a picture of the 25-year-old on Instagram following the American Music Awards. BH had previously unfollowed SG on the picture-sharing site when she and Abel got together at the beginning of 2017.

It’s important to remember that two people of the opposite sex can definitely just be friends, so let’s try not to start speculating about Katy and The Weeknd’s relaysh too quickly. Who knows — maybe there will be a collaboration in the near future!