Love Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream Album? Good, Because Her Next Single is….

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Katy Perry


We thought “Last Friday Night” would be the last of Katy Perry‘s singles off of Teenage Dream to hit the airwaves. She already tied Michael Jackson for the most #1 hits from the same album, so might as well go out while you’re on top, right? Umm, not so much. Instead, KP may trump the King’s title with a SIXTH chart-topper from her last album. And that potential chart-topper is..

“The One That Got Away.” It’s def not as bubbly as “California Gurls” or as meaningful as “Firework,” but something tells us she has another hit on her hands.

Listen to (and judge) Katy’s upcoming single below!

MORE: Katy Perry’s real name is actually… Kate Hudson?

What’s your fave song off of Teenage Dream? Can “The One That Got Away” take Katy to the #1 spot again?! Leave your comments below.