5 Ridiculous Moments from Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” Music Video

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Katy Perry released the music video for “Swish Swish,” and, in keeping with the rest of her recent work for Witness, the footage is confusing AF. It takes place at one of the most bizarre basketball games; there is levitating, dancing refs, an exploding head, and the backpack kid, to name a few.

The video also features some familiar actors, including Molly Shannon, Gaten Matarazzo and Jenna Ushkowitz. Katy Perry, known in the video as Kobe Perry, plays for The Tigers, who are the clear underdogs in a game against The Sheep, who all appear to be body builders.

The entire video is a lot to process, so here are some of the top moments:

1. Katy Levitates During Tip-Off

Katy tips off against a large, ripped man. It appears she had no chance at getting the ball, but she ends up levitating high above the ground and landing with the ball. Impressive skill. Unfortunately, the ball is quickly stolen from her.


2. The Nick Minaj Pep Talk

As the game continues, The Tigers end up losing horribly, and all seems hopeless by halftime. To rejuvinate at halftime, the Tigers’ coach (Molly Shannon) shoves an IV of “Kobe Sweat” into Kobe Perry’s Arm. Enter Nicki Minaj, who gives the perfect halftime performance/pep talk.


3. Katy’s Dunking

After the pep talk, The Tigers make an incredible comeback using an assortment stunts, such as making out or setting out cardboard cut-outs of themselves. And, out of nowhere, Katy can dunk over and over again. On her final dunk, she even shatters the backboard.


4. The Exploding Head

The loss makes the opposing team’s coach so infuriated, his head explodes. It. Literally. Explodes.


5. That Hookup!

Molly Shannon’s character celebrates by making out with the dancing ref!


And the Tigers party on, ending the video with a celebratory backpack dance.

Feel free to see it all for yourself: