Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Pic, Win a $20 iTunes Gift Card!

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Come on, people! What happened? We thought last week’s Photoshop This pic that we gave you was pretty funny. It was about that infamous M.I.A halftime bird-flipping! But clearly none of you were fans considering we got ZERO Photoshop This entries this week. We’re disappointed in you. But that just means that we have no winner or runner-up this week and that we’ll have to get double the submissions with this week’s pic (which is a really good one, FYI).

So check out the funny pic below and make sure to submit your funnier version of it! You do know a $20 iTunes gift card is up for grabs, right?!

Now, here’s the pic for you to change up this week! Double click your Photoshop icon and go, go go!!!

We’ll announce our winner Monday, 2/20 and entries received after 12:01 AM ET on 2/20/12 will not be considered. Good luck!

Got a pic we should use for next week’s Photoshop This contest? Paste the link in the comments!

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