Despite the Pictures, Katy Perry Doesn’t Believe Her BF Cheated w/ Selena Gomez

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Katy Perry and Selena Gomez have a long-standing friendship, with Katy having penned a couple of Selena’s songs (2010’s “Rock God” and 2011’s “That’s More Like It”). Even though the 31-year-old “Roar” singer is mortal enemies with the 23-year-old “Hands to Myself” crooner’s BFF, Taylor Swift — Selena even starred in Tay’s music video dig at Katy, “Bad Blood” — the two haven’t let anything get in the way of their own commonalities. Even now, after the younger musician was caught getting cozy with KP’s man, it seems that that statement still stands true.

Earlier this week, headlines everywhere were emblazoned with the words ORLANDO BLOOM CHEATS ON KATY PERRY WITH SELENA GOMEZ (or some variation of that). While you could chalk it up to tabloid fodder, TMZ snagged pictures of what looked like Selena KISSING the 39-year-old actor at a Las Vegas club. Most girlfriends would be furious, right? Like, the evidence was pretty much stacked against the Pirates of the Caribbean star. But Katy’s not like most girlfriends.

Rather than submit to the gossip, Katy was compelled toward a far different reaction:

And Selena was all for it:

“Dumb conspiracy,” huh? Well, if Katy doesn’t believe it, then perhaps it isn’t true. Whatever the case, it’s their lives. As long as they’re all happy, we’re happy.

Sadly, celebrities cheat on their significant others all the time… and with other celebrities, too!