11 Bad-Ass Times Katy Perry Made Important Political Statements

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Katy Perry isn’t afraid to let her views on politics be known. She was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton from the moment she entered the presidential race, and stuck by her side throughout election season. Although the singer’s favorite candidate did not win, she has continued to use her platform as a mega-superstar to fight for the things she believes in.

Although the 32-year-old often makes headlines for her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, we simply cannot just overlook how much she talks about important issues in the public eye. We love how now more than ever some of the biggest celebrities are using their voices to call for inclusion, equality and representation, and Katy is no exception.

The “Swish Swish” crooner has had a super busy year promoting her new album, Witness, preparing to go on a world tour, and doing things like hosting the MTV Video Music Awards. Although she may not be as well known as stars like Zendaya and Rowan Blanchard for speaking about politics, Katy has been involved in the political game for quite some time now. We all know that she is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, but she was just as involved in Barack Obama’s campaign as she was with the 69-year-old. KP has quickly become one of the most important famous voices to step up and speak out about what is right, even when it might be ~controversial~.

Yes, she isn’t always the picture-perfect person, but no one is! Katy uses her power as being the most followed person on Twitter with over 103 MILLION followers to bring light to serious situations and give a voice to those who are often forgotten. The crooner doesn’t shy away from important conversations, so, in honor of her work, we rounded up all the bad-ass times she made much-needed political statements.