Teen.com Endorses: 5 Reasons to See Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D!

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Today is the day, folks! The day that Katy Perry’s 3D movie, Part of Me, hits theaters! And in addition to giving you a chance to win free tickets to see the movie in your hometown, we’re also going to tell you five reasons why you should splurge on a ticket if you’re not the lucky person that wins. So keep reading!

1. You’ll get to see Katy before she was famous. Not everyone knows this, but Katy had two failed record deals (one was for a Christian record!) before hitting it big with her first-ever single, “I Kissed a Girl.” You’ll get to see the lows of Katy’s career before all the fame happened, plus footage from home videos of her as a kid and a teen. It’s cute!


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2. There are lots of celeb cameos. Katy hangs out with tons of other pop stars like Rihanna, Adele and Kelly Clarkson, and all three divas make an appearance (albeit brief) in the film, talking about how much they love Katy and her music. Oh, and Katy’s grandma is basically the star of the whole goshdarn thing. The little old lady is basically a celeb, too.


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3. It goes into the details of her divorce from Russell Brand. Ok, we wouldn’t say the movie actually says why Katy and Russell didn’t work out (though it hints that it was his fault…just saying), but the movie does discuss the touchy subject of their breakup and how it affected Katy’s mood while on tour. We especially loved the part right before her biggest show of the tour in South America where she’s debating whether or not she can go on because she’s too depressed. It’s good stuff, guys.


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4. You’ll get to relive her California Dreams tour. The costumes, the worldwide tour, the 8 million singles — the flick gives KP fans a first-row seat at her concert, plus a pass backstage. Be honest. You totally didn’t get that IRL.


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5. It’s Katy Perry. So duh. The girl’s had FIVE number one singles on one album and numerous other hits, guys. Obviously Katy deserves this movie and she deserves that you, her fans, go out and see it. Besides, her boobs look really good in 3D…


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Katy Perry Part of Me: 3D is out now! Are you going to see it? If you have already, what’s your fave part?

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