From Our BFFS: Wanna Be in Katy Perry’s New Movie?

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Wanna be in Katy Perry‘s upcoming 3D concert movie?! ‘Cause you can! [Hollywire]

Selena Gomez is quite the badass these days — she just got arrested! But just for her movie, guys. Calm your horses. [J-14]

Ok fine, so Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged. But what if they were? [gURL]

Um, could we poss love The Wanted any more than we already do? They totally killed it karaoka-ing to our fave ’90s song! [Cambio]

So what do you do when you’re in the third highest grossing film ever? If you’re The Hunger Games’ Willow Shields you just act like every other teen in America. NBD. [Wetpaint]

And speaking of The Hunger Games, let’s relive this epic Caesar/Peeta scene via GIF, shall we?! [HuffPost Teen]

Well, that Madonna sure likes kissing girls, eh? But we bet Nicki Minaj didn’t mind one bit… [Just Jared Jr.]

Ok, so we get excited for lots of things, but The Carrie Diaries coming to TV? With 80’s clothes? Consider us sold. [Posh24]

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