Is Katy Perry the Next Mary Poppins?

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We already know that Katy Perry is all kinds of magical, but we might soon be seeing the California girl doing magic of the taking-a-million-things-out-of-your-purse-and-flying-with-an-umbrella kind. Because Katy wants to play Mary Poppins, aka our fave nanny ever, if there’s ever a remake of the film! Maybe she fell in love with the show and the character when she saw it in Australia, or something?

According to Digitalspy.com, Katy said:

“I can’t deny that I used to grab an umbrella and think, ‘I could take off with the right winds’ as a kid. I think I could play her if they remade it. Russell could play Bert. He’d have less trouble with the accent than me.”

Ha! Hilarious! Do you think Katy and Russell would make a cute Mary and Bert? Do you think Katy could nail the part — and the British accent? Tell us in the comments!