From Our BFFS: Why Is Katy Perry Dressing like Kelly Kapowski?

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Katy Perry is kickin’ it old school — and geek chic? — on the cover art for her new single, “Last Friday Night.” See? Pretty girls can look ugly too, guys! [Hollywire]

Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio are so dating. The two hottest people ever were photographed together again! We won’t tell Penn if you don’t. [Wetpaint]

And it looks like Blake isn’t the only one smooching Leo. Armie Hammer, aka the hot dude from The Social Network, spills on kissing and telling on hooking up with Leo on-screen! [Just Jared Jr.]

Turns out that Lady Gaga didn’t write her song “Judas” about Jesus. It’s about her ex boyfriend. Hm. Why didn’t we (or anyone) pick up on that?! [Posh 24]

Yes! Greyson Chance‘s debut album has got a release date! And the winning date is… [Cambio]

Did you hear about that tornado in Joplin, Missouri? Well, Justin Bieber did and, in true Bieber fashion, he wants to help. [JSYK]

It’s official. Sammi and Ronnie are so rekindling while filming Jersey Shore in Italy. Why are we not at all surprised?! [4TNZ]

And in other unexpected news, Adam Hicks from Lemonade Mouth raps! For reals! And he’s actually kind of awesome at it. [Elle Girl]

Who do you think should be the winner of American Idol on tonight’s season 10 finale? Scotty? Lauren? Vote! [Seventeen]

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