Katy Perry Is One Hot Mother

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When she’s not recording best-selling singles or prancing around in hot outfits that we wish we could pull off, Katy Perry is just a regular (California) girl like the rest of us, winning awards and doing guest stints on our fave TV shows. Joking. She’s not a regular girl at all.

Next up in Katy’s not-so-regular-but-so-awesome-we’re-jealous life? A guest stint on How I Met Your Mother! Let’s hope this cameo goes over better than her Sesame Street one…

THIS JUST IN: Glee is about to get the hottest guest stars ever.

So, is Katy the mother? Or will she just be playing herself and, well, be singing and prancing around in hot outfits? Read on for deets!

According to MTV, Katy will play a “beautiful and naïve girl” named Honey who’s cousins with Zoey, played by Jennifer Morrison. Honey will be a potential love interest for Ted (Josh Radnor), so here’s to hoping Russell Brand isn’t the jealous type.

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