Katy Perry Defends Justin Bieber After Lionel Richie Disses His Vocal Talents

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Katy Perry might’ve just become our favorite judge in American Idol history…

American Idol is in full swing right now as the Top 10 were just revealed on Monday night’s episode. The judges took some time to chat with Us Weekly about how the night went, and when speaking about eliminating talent, Lionel Richie explained, “You know, you look at it and you think, ‘OK, if you can hit every note perfectly, why isn’t everybody a superstar?’ The answer is because it’s called a unique quality. If you look at Willie Nelson for a second, can he hit a gospel note? Um, no! And [Justin] Bieber, he doesn’t hit a high note…”

Whoa. Okay, first of all, there are PLENTY of videos that show that Justin Bieber DOES, in fact, hit a high note. (Just search for Justin high note on YouTube and you’ll find some.) But before Lionel could go any further with his subtle diss at Justin and face the wrath of a hundred million Beliebers, Katy Perry immediately came to Biebs’ defense. She replied confidently to Lionel’s remark, “He hits a high note!” And when Lionel and fellow judge Luke Bryan started to tease her, she stood firm saying, “I mean, he’s extremely talented!”

Damn right he’s extremely talented! And we tip our hats to you for speaking on behalf of all Beliebers, Katy!

Of course, it’s possible Lionel’s shade comes from the fact that Justin briefly dated his daughter, Sofia Richie, a couple of years ago. Lionel didn’t really comment on the relationship then, but it sure sounds like he’s letting all of his feelings out now.