The One Current Fashion Trend Katy Perry is Not Here for Right Now

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Ever since Katy Perry signed to Capitol Records, she’s knocked everything out of the park. Her first single from One of the Boys, “I Kissed a Girl,” was an instant favorite, the second single from Teenage Dream, also named “Teenage Dream,” is a go-to karaoke song, basically every track from Prism, including “Roar,” was catchy AF, and all the tunes that were released before, during and after the aforementioned singles were huge successes as well. It’s like everything she touches turns to gold (or, in the case of her music, platinum)! And, if you need additional proof of that, look no further than her latest project.

Recently, the 31-year-old singer, who’s been one of the faces of COVERGIRL since 2013, teamed up with the cosmetics brand to introduce her first makeup line, and it is STUNNING:

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Over the weekend, the Katy Kat Collection launched Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks (with Katy Kat Mascara in Black and electric Perry Blue tapped for summer 2016 release) in NYC at what was dubbed the Katy Kat House… and we got to be there to test out some the new shades — notice the subtle ombre lip? — plus, sit down with Katy herself!

During our chat, the raven-haired beauty revealed her special weapon for oily skin, which you would probably never think to employ yourself. And it involves something you have a completely different use for in the bathroom. “The seat covers are secret face blotters!” she exclaimed. Yes, while you may use them to avoid your rear end touching the germ-tainted toilet, she’s wiping it all over her face — and it totally works!

When it comes to beauty, Katy insisted, “I’ll try anything. Look at me, I’ve got, like, [lipsticks in] pinks and blacks all in the same collection, so it’s all over the map; it’s for the very normal person or for the very funky, weird. It’s a mixture.”

BUT, there are a few things she tries to steer clear of — like tanning. “I always want to get a fake tan,” she said. “Any every time I’ve tried to get my fake tan, I’ve always regretted it. Even the best tanners in the world, even exfoliating right before, it’s just like… I can’t… The science hasn’t been perfected yet, so I try to stay away from that. Even, like, two days before the Grammys, I’m like, ‘Should I get a tan?’ And everybody’s like, ‘NOOO!'”

Hesitantly, she did reveal the one fashion trend she’s not here for at the moment. “I’m not desperate to wear a choker right now,” she said, after checking the room to make sure no one was wearing a choker. “I like them, I’ll probably end up wearing them, but I [try not to] do things that are current; I try and look ahead, in the future, and kind of what, like, the zeitgeist of the future is going to be like; what’s the next thing, not what’s happening right now.”

So, how does a busy bee like Katy wind down? “I meditate; meditation is really good,” she explained. “We live in such an oversaturated, overstimulated world where we pick up our phone every time we have a brief moment. I don’t think our minds are really doing so well with that. I think we’re not actually as connected as we think we are; I think that we’re not communicating or socializing like we used to.”

While the collection is brand-spanking-new, Katy said that she’s already working on creating the next line, which will be tapped for its own release hopefully next year. Until then, make sure to get a load of the COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks rightthissecond!

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