From Our BFFS: Wanna Go Behind The Scenes with Katy Perry?

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Katy Perry posted this vid of what it’s really like to be on her California Dreams tour. Let’s sum it up for you: Awesome. [Hollywire]

Yes! Justin Bieber‘s #NEVERSAYNEVER3D has a release date for DVD! Let the preordering begin… [4tnz!]

What’s gonna happen after high school for Amy and Ricky on Secret Life? Shailene Woodley spills! [Wetpaint]

Which star of the Prom movie also auditioned for Secret Life? We can totes see him playing Ben… [JSYK]

Hayden Panettiere spills on the awesomeness that is Scream 4. And the creepiness that was her scariest moment ever. [Seventeen]

Who knew Britney Spears was so hilarious? You need to see her LOL-worthy “cameo” in Jackass: 3D. [Just Jared Jr]

Natalie Portman‘s Black Swan dance double is taking credit for pretty much all of Nat’s amazing dancing in the flick. Um, note to the dance double — Nat totally deserves that Oscar. [Posh24]

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