10 Awesome Pics of Katy Perry’s Boobs

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We’re just gonna say it: Katy Perry has an amazing rack. (You know you were thinking it, too.) And to be completely inappropriate blunt, we can’t help but be mesmerized and jealous of them. But we’re apparently not the only ones — there’s a whole Tumblr page devoted to Katy’s tatas! Inspired by its complete genius, we picked 10 photos of KP’s boobs looking their greatest, and provided quippy commentary, just because we can.

Enjoy! Just try not to overdo it with the staring…

So what if she didn’t win any of the AMAs she was nominated for.
In our eyes, she’ll always be a winner with those girls of hers.

G is for gravity-devying.


She might look like a complete idiot here,
but at least she’s got a few things going on in the right places.

Pretty sure it’s every teenage girl’s dream to have boobs like these.

We swear they looked at us first.

Sigh. If only every angel was as lucky as Katy to have this chest.

What’s the Hershey’s slogan? “Delightfully delicious, one-of-a-kind Kisses?”
Yeah, very fitting.

No comment.

We feel ya, Katy. We’re shocked that they’re real, too.

WDYT of our totally inapprops post? Are you jeal of Katy’s rack? Which celeb would you love to trade bods with? Leave all your comments below!

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