Happy Birthday, Katy Perry! Cakes to Remind You of the ‘Part of Me’ Singer

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Happy birthday, Katy Perry! It is a known fact — in our heads, anyway — that KP’s the Queen of Crazy Costumes. (Even her latest vampire attire with John Mayer was over the top!) So, just like our other favorite celebrity birthdays, we took the time to compile a creative card of sorts for her. Except this one will likely make your mouth water. Read on to find the top 10 cakes that’ll remind you of Katy’s most outrageous outfits!

Peppermint Wheel
There’s no one else who can pull of the red-and-white swirls quite like this gal.

WENN/Cake Central

The “California Gurls” setting is prob the most memorable of any music video. Ever.

Capitol/Photobucket (tashak824)

I wanna see your…

Last FM/Tumblr (HellYeahPeacocks)

Movie Reels
Still ‘reeling’ over this one.

WENN/Couture Specialty Cakes

It’s Xmas come early!

Twitter (@Z100NewYork)/Taste of Home

Candy Dots
Another “California Gurls” oldie but goodie.

Capitol/The Pastry Studio

Hershey’s Kisses
Umm… no comment.

Rolling Stone/Imagicakes

Only Katy could make a snowman look hot.

Kiss FM/Federhofer’s Bakery

Purple/Pink Leopard

Cake Central

Try looking at fireworks and not thinking of Katy Perry… Impossible.

Capitol/Megan’s Munchies

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