Who’s The Biggest Selling Artist of 2011 — So Far?!

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It’s been a good year for music, guys. And it’s been an even better year for two Teen.com faves, who have been coined the Biggest Selling Artists of 2011 (so far). Do you have any guesses on who it is? Gaga? Katy? Bieber? Taylor?

We’ve got the answer…

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It’s…drumroll please…Katy Perry AND Adele! According to Digital Spy, Katy topped the list for having 5 number one singles off of “Teenage Dream”, plus 4 million+ digital downloads of her songs. Adele, on the other hand, sold over 2 million copies of her album in the US alone, plus had the highest-selling album in the UK. Whoa!

Are you surprised that Katy and Adele made the top of the list? Who do you think should’ve been up there, too?! Tell us in the comments!