All the Times Katniss Everdeen Was Actually THE WORST

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Katniss has to be, hands down, one of the strongest female characters in YA history. Not only is she brave and strong, but she’s also played by the incredible Jennifer Lawrence on the big-screen. However, whether you want to admit it or not, one of teen literature’s greatest female role models has had her moments of weakness. Because, well, all humans have their flaws!

Whether it’s Katniss’ unhealthy obsession with Peeta, or her generally snappy personality, it’s no wonder that she has trouble making friends! But, just to be clear, these subtle flaws definitely don’t take away from how amazing she is — and how much she’s just like J. Law. However, it’s hard to completely ignore all of these simple Katniss fails:

1. When a major war began and all she cared about was Peeta… Seriously, girl. Calm down. We missed him too, but like the entire world is ending. PRIORITIES!

2. When she continuously leads Gale on, even though she loves Peeta… By doing things like caring for him when he’s injured, and kissing him:

And trusting him to LITERALLY take care of her family:

And then he does:


3. When she was a horrible actress as the Mockingjay… J. Law might have an Oscar, but Katniss just really shouldn’t act. EVER. Plus, she seriously just can’t handle all of the interviews and outfits that go along with being the center of attention.

Not like Jen can handle it much better. But, still:

4. When she made Haymitch vow to volunteer over Peeta… Hasn’t he been through enough?! Like, seriously, you’re asking him to put his life in danger and face his obvious case of PTSD to save your bae. Really?!

5. When she’s continuously mean to the cat… What did that cat ever do to her?! If anything, it gave Prim the love and support she needed when Katniss wasn’t around. Duh!

6. When she didn’t help carry Mags… Yes, Mags was old and was probably going to die in the arena eventually. But isn’t it funny how she just kind of watched Mags die and quickly moved on. SHE WAS BARELY AFFECTED. That’s not typical for the Katniss we know and love.

7. When she’s super mean to her mom… We all fight with her parents. But Katniss’ mom has been through some SERIOUS stuff and all Katniss does is yell at her! We don’t think that’s going to help make things any better, Katniss.

8. When she declared she didn’t want to be the Mockingjay… Again, putting Peeta first. She actually tried to put his life before the lives of basically ever other living person in all of Panem. And totally didn’t care about the fact that they all admired and were inspired be her. Selfish, much?

9. When she risked her life to see Peeta… She was told to STAY AWAY! Seriously, he almost killed her the first time, why would she go back? Can anything keep this girl away from her bae?!

But, it’s okay, Katniss! We still love you!

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