Like Ariana Grande & Sarah Hyland, This MTV Star Was Hardcore Skinny-Shamed

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You’ve seen enough of the disturbing display of body-shaming by users on Instagram to know it’s not okay. Sarah Hyland‘s been on the receiving end of it, and it was awful, to say the very least. The same could be said for when Ariana Grande was bullied because of her petite frame by Wendy Williams; the talk-show host said, “She’s 21, she’ll forever look 12. I don’t mean that in a good way.” Like… Why did those words even come out of her mouth?

Sadly, despite the continued discussions people have in regards to such topics, the bullying still persists. Most recently, Faking It‘s Katie Stevens fell victim to it after posting a picture of her new pearl drop necklace and bra:

While you may think not much of it, the 23-year-old MTV star received hurtful comments about her breasts as a result. “Underneath the photo were comments,” she said. “Some nice, of course, but some of them were not. ‘You got too skinny and lost all your boobs!’ or ‘You have no boobs.’ or ‘You lost too much weight.'”

She then set the record straight, “I have NEVER had boobs, and I’m fine with that. Also, there’s this awesome invention called a push-up bra, and sometimes I wear them (so maybe people had the illusion that I had boobs?) Anyways, the comments posted about my boobs aren’t even the point, though.”

The point: “Body shaming is bullying whether it be you calling someone fat and telling them they need to lose weight, or you telling someone that they’re too skinny and need to gain weight. I made a lifestyle choice to exercise and eat healthier food, and yes I lost weight, but I am HEALTHY, I feel beautiful, and I’m comfortable in my own skin. And I don’t need anyone shaming me about that.”

“I’ve read comments on other pictures saying, ‘I liked you when you were fatter,’ she continued. “Well, I didn’t. And I wasn’t healthy. And I made the choice to do something about it for me and no one else.”

She then asked that everyone “think twice” before commenting on other people’s body snapshots. Because, maybe — just maybe –“we can make this social media world a nicer place.”

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