EXCLUSIVE: 8 Things You Need to Know About The Star of MTV’s Finding Carter, Kathryn Prescott

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What would you do if your mom went from being your best friend to the person who kidnapped you? How would you deal knowing your entire life was a lie? Well, on MTV’s new show Finding CarterCarter Stevens has to deal with just that. Here’s the official show description:

“Finding Carter [is about] a teenager [who] finds out she was abducted as a toddler and returns to her biological family.”

23-year-old actress Kathryn Prescott plays the lead role of Carter, and although she’s young she’s definitely no stranger to drama. Kat famously played Emily on the UK’s hit show Skins from 2009-2010 where drama was basically as normal as blinking.

We recently chatted with Kat about her role on the show, her past days on Skins and tons more! Click through the gallery below to read our full interview with Kat and be sure to tune into Finding Carter Tuesdays at 10pm ET on MTV!