Katherine McNamara Reveals the Book Faves You Can Expect on Shadowhunters

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It’s the beginning of the new year. Do you know what that means? The return of Shadowhunters! Yes, you can argue that it marks the kickoff of new beginnings in the entire TV schedule, the introduction of certain politicians, as well as a fresh start in your own personal life, but if we’re being perfectly honest, Season 2 of the Freeform show is all we care about at this very moment.

Season 1 capped off with a crazy ending — not only did Clary & Jace find out that they’re sister and brother, but he also left with the #1 enemy of the Shadow world, their father, Valentine Morgenstern. So what does that mean for Clace? Or for Climon (Clary + Simon)? Or for all the other relationships on the drama? When we caught up with Alberto Rosende & Matthew Daddario on Facebook Live, they gave us some insights on their characters’ relationships with their respective love interests, and leading lady Katherine McNamara did the same on a separate Facebook Live segment with us. BUT, because we’re greedy AF, we simply had to press the 21-year-old redhead for more information! So, we sat down for a chat with the beauty about what to expect from the new season. You’re welcome in advance, Shadowhunters fans!
Describe Clary and Jace’s relationship at the beginning of Season 2.

It’s very influx because Jace chose to leave with Valentine at the end of Season 1, and that’s the last time they saw each other. And this was really very shortly after finding out that they’re siblings, so their relationship was already on the rocks. They were trying to figure out what they were to each other, while dealing with Valentine taking over and getting Jocelyn back, and time running out and everything kind of blurred together and they had no time to determine how to behave around each other with this new information.

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But, Jace and Clary have had a connection from Day 1. They’ve always been connected and they always will be connected. And so, it’s just about adapting that relationship to their new set of circumstances. But, that’s something that becomes a major driving force for Clary is getting to Jace and pulling him back from that dark place. Because no one else knows more than Clary what it’s like to find out that Valentine is your father. And whereas Clary had the rest of the Shadowhunters team, particularly Jace, to help her through that, he doesn’t have anyone around him to help him realize that simply because that evil is inside him; it doesn’t mean he’s inherently evil. You know, just because he has that blood running through his veins doesn’t make him like his father, doesn’t mean he has to be that evil, that insane, so that’s something that Jace is going to be dealing with. To that point, Clary is desperate to get to him and desperate to make sure that he doesn’t go down that dark path.

What about her relationship with Simon?

Her relationship with Simon is changing quite a bit because [on] Season 1, they were taken away from each other when Simon went down the vampire path and Clary was becoming a Shadowhunter and had other things to deal with. But now they’re both sort of solidified in the Shadow world and they’re both fledglings in a sense. So together, they’re learning how to navigate this world and learning how to operate in this world and they’re leaning heavily on each other. And there’s something that happens early on in the season that causes them to lean on each other even more and to need each other even more. So, they get — if this is even possible — they get quite a bit closer this season.

Remember, Kat did tell us that “Climon is coming.”

You mentioned that Season 2 is very different from the books, but will we be seeing Max or any other book favorites?

We do see Max, of course! It wouldn’t be a season of Shadowhunters without Max Lightwood. Maryse is back, who is a force to be reckoned with. We have a new character, Victor Aldertree, who is a new Clave representative who comes in to take over the Institute and, sort of, pick up the pieces. And he’s a very interesting character because we don’t really know who his loyalties are aligned with and what he’s there to really do and if he has an ulterior motive or not. So, no one really trusts him and maybe for good reason. But, you’ll have to keep watching to find out.

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We also see Maia, who is a fan favorite character from the books and she is another bad-ass female who comes in — she’s a werewolf; she comes in and just causes havoc.

Can you tell us a little bit about Clary’s journey this season?

So Clary has a very interesting journey this season because, even though there’s still crazy things happening, she now finally has a chance to step back and look at her life a little bit. Because, you know, [on] Season 1, she was thrown into this world. She didn’t have a choice of whether or not to become a Shadowhunter. She had to dive into this world in order to get her mom back. Well, now her mother’s back and now she’s learning more about this world and she has a moment to pause and think, “Is this what I really want? Do I want to be a part of this world? Can I go back to my old life? Is that even an option?” So, she struggles with that a bit, and also she’s dealing with her mother being awake, because her mother still sees her as the little girl that we saw at the beginning of Season 1. Clary’s not that person anymore; she’s grown up. She’s becoming more of a Shadowhunter and getting her mother to realize that is a bit of an obstacle. And, on top of that, she thought that she and her mother were really close, but it turns out her mother’s been lying to her for 18 years. And Jocelyn has her own agenda as well when it comes to things. But, there is definitely a very interesting Morgenstern family reunion at the end of Episode 1 that… it’s very classically Morgenstern, I’ll just say that.

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But, moving forward through that, she is starting to establish her place in the Institute and find where she belongs, and lean on Alec and Isabelle and many of the other people in the Institute, in order to learn and grow and really start becoming a true Shadowhunter and taking on those responsibilities. But, she gets to fight a lot of her own battles this year, which is very exciting.

How often do you guys hang out when you’re not on set?

Always. I mean, when we’re in Toronto… we’ve become such a family because we always… we explore the city together, we go on little weekend trips, we find new restaurants, we even just have movie nights sometimes. But it’s nice to have a group of people that not only is freakishly talented, but just great, great human beings. And, we genuinely enjoy spending time together.

So, do you have a favorite memory from you guys hanging out?

Ooh, let me think. One of my favorite memories from this season was, actually, I had my 21st birthday while we were in production. And, I was talking about doing something, but it was a busy week, so we weren’t really going to plan anything. I talked to Harry [Shum Jr.] about planning something, and we hadn’t really talked about it, so I assumed nothing was happening and it was fine. But, they ended up planning a surprise get together! And they went through this whole production of, like, Dom [Sherwood]‘s job was to make me think something else was happening, and Harry got everybody to the place where we celebrated, and it was one of our favorite hangout spots in Toronto and I walked in and everybody was there. It happened to be a week when a lot of the guest cast was in town too, so it was the whole family and we just spent all night having such a good time and making fools of ourselves and it was one of my favorite memories.

Did you have a cake?

They had little cupcakes and other sweet things they know I love. I’m obsessed with apples, and so they had these little, like, apple crumble tart things that I… so good!

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform on Monday, January 2.
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