Why You NEED to Be Aware of This Shadowhunters Star’s Newest Role

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Katherine McNamara has been pretty much everywhere lately. From bringing Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments to life on Shadowhunters and fighting alongside Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner series as Sonya, Kat has been doing it all. Before she became a household name, Kat worked extremely hard filming tons of indie movies that are just now starting to release. We just talked to her fellow Shadowhunters star, Dom Sherwood, and now we got to talk with Kat about what it’s like to be one of the busiest actors and how she landed one of her most controversial roles yet.

In the upcoming indie movie Natural Selection, Kat plays Paige Thomas, a popular girl who befriends new kid Tyler Evans (Mason Dye). As Tyler tries to fit in, he meets Indrid Wardin (Ryan Munzert), who has a troubled past and an unrealistic grasp on society. The psychological thriller focuses on the reality behind school shootings and the thought process that occurs. Not only is this different than anything Kat has done before, but it outlines one of the most taboo subjects today.

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“When I saw the script, I fell in love with it immediately,” Kat said. “This particular subject is something that is really prevalent in our society right now and something that especially young people need to be aware of. This movie presents a really realistic view of how these things could happen. Seemingly trivial statements or points of view can really turn into something quite dangerous.”

Although she did have some hesitation about joining such a controversial project, Kat knew that it was a story that had to be told. “It did cross my mind, that it is a controversial subject that I had to take into account,” she said. “But I think it’s done in a way that’s very healthy. It doesn’t comment on it or force and opinion, it just shows an awareness and presents a situation that allows the audience to make their own interpretation, which is what films are supposed to do.”

The movie is so haunting due to, not only the topic at hand, but also how realistic the storyline is. It is easy to relate to the characters and create connections between your friends IRL and those who you see on the screen. Kat filled us in saying that some of the creepiest scenes to watch were just as eerie to film. “The movie is more psychological than anything else, so it definitely was as eerie to film,” Kat explained. “Especially when you have someone like Ryan, who plays Indrid in the movie, who is just incredible. There’s a scene where he is screaming at Paige and we were filming and it was just the two of us and he gets right up in my face. I remember being scared, especially because Ryan is such a warm, kind and loving individual. The way he captured the character was very haunting and very eerie.”

The movie was filmed WAY before she started filming Season 2 of Shadowhunters, but Kat loves being able to look back at and see how far she’s come. “The timeline the fans see is so different than what actually happened. It’s so fun to look back and relive the projects because they were so fun and I learned so much,” Kat said. “It’s really interesting and amazing how life goes, I can look back and see how it took all of these steps and this process to get where I am. If these things didn’t happen, the path I took to get here wouldn’t have been the same.”

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We love being able to see Kat’s growth from indie films to becoming the lead of one of the biggest shows currently on television. Although we hope that Shadowhunters has many, many more seasons, Kat is already looking towards the future. “I would really like do something of everything,” she exclaimed. “I’m dying to do a musical film project and I want do a good horror movie. I’ve always wanted do a period piece, give me a corset and I’ll be set!”

You go, girl! We can’t wait to see what Kat does next, because we know it’s going to be a hit! Don’t forget to check out Kat’s new movie, Natural Selection, when it hits select theaters on August 26.

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