Katherine Langford is Taking a Break from Acting to Pursue a Music Career

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Katherine Langford went from being an unknown Australian actress to one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars thanks to her role as Hannah Baker on 13 Reasons Why. In fact, her portrayal of the beloved book character even landed her a nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama at this year’s Golden Globes, which proves just how talented she really is.

But just because the 21-year-old absolutely kills it on screen doesn’t mean that’s the only thing she wants to do in life. In fact, she admits that she has plans to put acting on the back-burner for a while so she can pursue a music career, which is something she’s always been passionate about.

The actress told W Magazine, “In the next few months for me I’m taking just a second to hone my skills and to write some music because fundamentally that’s where I come from.”

Back in 2013, Kat posted a few videos of herself singing and playing original music on YouTube, but the channel hasn’t been touched in five years. Let’s take a look at one of the songs she wrote back in the day called “Three Words:”

Super impressive, right?! The timing for the brunette beauty to pursue her music career is basically perfect, because she’s finishing promoting her first movie, Love Simon, which comes out on March 16, right now and 13 Reasons Why, season 2, finished filming back in December. Her upcoming flick, Spontaneous, doesn’t have a release date quite yet.

This isn’t going to be the end of Katherine’s acting career completely, but she says she’s going to be very selective when it comes to the movie or TV roles she chooses in the future because she’s been a part of such amazing projects so far.

“I want to take risks and challenges, and wait for a piece that inspires me like these two have,” she explained.