Katherine Langford Says Goodbye to 13 Reasons Why‘s Hannah Baker

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13 Reasons Why, season 2 ended with Clay Jensen saying goodbye to Hannah Baker once and for all, which brought up the question if the character would be a part of season 3 (if it even happens). The jury’s still out on if we’re definitely going to get another season of the Netflix hit, but it appears that actress Katherine Langford is preparing fans to move on without Hannah.

The 22-year-old paid tribute to the iconic character in an emotional Instagram post over the weekend, seemingly saying goodbye to her for good.

“‘Hannah…I love you…and I let you go’ Those are the words I was able to say six months ago, and now can finally share with you…As most of you know @13reasonswhy was my first ever job and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to tell Hannah’s story so fully in season 1, and to be asked back for a season 2. Thankyou to @netflix @paramountpics @anoncontent, the incredible producers, creatives, cast and crew for making these last 2 years so special. And to all of you here — Thankyou for filling my life with love and light This show will always be a special part of my life, and regardless of whether Hannah is there or not, I know that I will continue to strive to do work that is meaningful and has a positive impact — whether that be in film, music, or any other form of art. There is a lot coming up this next year, and I can’t wait to share it with you #hannahbaker”

Showrunner Brian Yorkey already hinted that our time with Hannah Baker may be over, explaining that her storyline is basically done at this point and if the show comes back for season 3 it will be focused on other things.

He previously explained, “I don’t see a tremendous continued presence for Hannah because I think we needed her to finish telling everyone else’s side of her story and we needed her so that Clay could get to a point of saying, ‘I love you and I let you go.’ If the story does continue, and certainly there is lots more to know about a lot of these characters, then the spotlight focus on Hannah Baker is probably done.”