The Person Who Hacked Joey King’s Instagram Did It to Kat McNamara, Too

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What is up with all the hackings this summer, people?! One month after the social media accounts of stars such as Big Sean, Joey King and Gabi DeMartino were hacked, another fave has fallen victim to a hacking… and that fave is Kat McNamara.

If you looked at the 22-year-old Shadowhunters actress’ Instagram feed or IG Stories yesterday, then you probably noticed some odd behavior:

Instagram (@kat.mcnamara)

Instagram (@kat.mcnamara)

Instagram (@kat.mcnamara)

As you can see, the redheaded beauty’s IG was full of posts about getting free iPhones and Apple Watches — definitely NOT in line with what KM would normally post.

Don’t worry, though, fam — Kat’s already got control of her account again, saying:

“Thank you for bearing with me, angels! There’s some amazing people who jumped into action at 6am to get this resolved. Slowly but surely…”

She continued:

“At long last… victory is ours. Thank you to everyone for their patience and help in figuring this out!”