Kat Graham Is The Coolest Black Jew Ever! Swear We’re Not Being Racist… (Video)

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Kat Graham is the latest celeb to star in a Funny or Die video, and OMG, this one’s so hilar that it legit could be done by The Lonely Island on SNL. It’s a spoof of Wiz Khalifa’s song, “Black and Yellow,” and is instead called “Black and Jewish.” We’re pretty sure the title (and the pic) says it all, but here’s a hint. Our fave lyric is “Uh huh/you know what it is/My nose and ass/they both big.” Offensive? Kinda. But funny? OMG yes.

You know you wanna watch…

Shalom to your mother! Ha! What’d you think of the vid? Think Kat is funny?! We wanna know what you’re thinking in the comments!