Kat Dennings Asks a Guy Out In the Hottest Way Ever In Daydream Nation (Exclusive Clip!)

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We loved Kat Dennings ever since we saw her in 40-Year-Old Virgin. And House Bunny. And, oh yeah, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. But our majorly huge ginormous girl crush on Kat wasn’t confirmed until we just watched this (exclusive) clip from her upcoming movie, Daydream Nation. Let’s just say she asks a guy out in the hottest, most assertive way ever and we all should strive to be just like her when it comes to dating. Or just like her character Caroline, at least…

Agree? Watch on for the exclusive clip from the flick and see for yourself!

Daydream Nation comes out in limited release (NYC and LA) on May 6 and to DVD and Blu-Ray May 17th! Oh, and in case you were wondering, that cute dude in the flick? That’s newbie Reece Thompson. Yummers.

So, was that cool or what? Are you that assertive when it comes to guys? Are you going to see Daydream Nation? Tell us in the comments!