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Karlie Kloss SNUBS Taylor Swift from Her BFF List, So… Kaylor is Over?

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We’ve been following Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift‘s friendship ever since they became best buds in 2013. So when rumors that their friendship may be on the rocks, or even over, started to surface in 2017, we were SHOOK.

Reports that Taylor and Karlie were no longer friends began to surface when Karlie was photographed with Kendall Jenner — who we all know is the sister of Kim Kardashian, who happens to be Taylor’s arch-nemesis. Then, earlier this year, rumors that the friendship between Karlie and Tay was over resurfaced after Karlie posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Swish Swish,” which we all know is the title of a Katy Perry song that many believe to be a diss track against Taylor.

Karlie seemed to put all those friendship-breakup rumors to rest just two weeks ago, however, when she told The New York Times that people shouldn’t believe everything they read, and confirmed that she and Taylor are still, in fact, friends. That SHOULD have put the issue to rest, but Karlie herself just started up the friendship-breakup rumor mill all over again herself, with comments she made to Porter magazine…

For the summer issue of Porter, Karlie opened up about her best friendships, telling the mag, “I’ve built really amazing friendships — some that last, some that don’t… A couple have become some of the most important relationships in my life, in particular, those I’ve been in the trenches with, such as Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Toni Garrn, Lily Aldridge… We started as girls and we’ve grown up together, and I know if I need anything, I can call them up and they will be there for me, just like my friends from kindergarten.”

Obviously, Karlie didn’t include Taylor on her best friends list, but just because Taylor’s name wasn’t on that list, doesn’t mean they’re not friends at all. Maybe she was just naming her supermodel friends? So let’s keep our fingers crossed that Taylor and Karlie will be photographed hanging together again, soon… before rumors of a frenemy feud get ignited, again!