Yet Another One of Taylor Swift’s Besties Pulled a SUPER Racist Stunt

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It was just a little more than a week ago that Gigi Hadid faced serious criticism for impersonating Buddha, the most iconic figure in Asian culture. While celebrities have spoken out both for and against her, the 21-year-old has yet to comment on the issue. Karlie Kloss‘ recent racist move was so bad, however, that she was basically forced to make a statement.

The 24-year-old model was recently featured in Vogue magazine’s March 2017 diversity (lolz — good joke) issue, dressed completely as a geisha, a traditional Japanese female entertainer.

While it seems that no one on the magazine staff, Karlie’s team, etc., saw a problem with the blatant use of yellowface, or when a non-Asian person uses makeup to look East Asian, people all over the world did and weren’t afraid to let all parties involved know.

Karlie, knowing that she very much DID make a mistake by appropriating Asian culture in the photoshoot, issued a public apology for “participating in a shoot that was not culturally sensitive.”

Vogue magazine has yet to make a statement regarding the controversy.

Karlie’s not the only celebrity to be unintentionally racist. Here are 18(!!!!) others: