‘Kardashian Konfidential’ Is Out TODAY!

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Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe have been teasing their new book, “Kardashian Konfidential,” on their blogs, their twitters, and their Facebook accounts for months. But today, November 23, there’s no more teasing necessary, cause the book is out in stores! Let’s be real, here — the last thing the world needs is an autobiographical account of the K-dash sisters, since it seems we pretty much know everything about them already. But having read the book, (uh, for “work purposes,” obviously) we’ve gotta say it’s actually kind of awesome.

So, what’s inside?

Well, aside from chapters on pretty much every aspect of the girls’ life, from their dad’s death (sad!) and their childhood (cute!) to how they became famous, the girls give some valuable tips, called K-Tips, on everything from hair and makeup to being confident and talking to guys. They also share tons of personal stories and hand-written notes that they’ve given to each other (it’s just as cute as it sounds), plus there’s, like, a million pics of the girls looking gorgeous. The book’s a must-read for any true Kardashian fan!

Will you pick up “Kardashian Konfidential?” Who’s your fave Kardashian sis? Sound off now!