The “Impossible” Jessie Reunion Actually Happened… and it Was Awesome!

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Last October, Jessie ended after four successful seasons on Disney Channel. *cries* Thankfully, some of the show’s favorite characters live on through a spin-off sitcom, called Bunk’d. But in case anyone is still experiencing withdrawals from the Debby Ryan-led series finale, a reunion between two of the show’s main stars recently happened and it’ll give you allllll the feels. We recently caught up with Karan Brar (who currently stars on Bunk’d) to get all the deets about his amazeballs reunion with the the redhead and so much more!

With busy schedules, it’s often difficult for former co-stars to meet up, no matter how much they want to. This is especially true for the 22-year-old actress, whose cray schedule literally has her traveling all over the world in a matter of days. “She was in Moscow for a second, now she’s in New York. She’s all over the place,” Karan told us.

Between working on upcoming music and acting projects, Debby is quite busy, and the young actor was convinced that setting up a day to meet up would be nearly “impossible.” So when the 17 year old unexpectedly ran into his pseudo “big sister” an event, tons of hugging and Snapchatting ensued.

“I just saw Debby the other day. We were at this dinner and I didn’t know Debby was going to be there. We gave each other the biggest bear-hug,” Karan recalled. Based on Debby’s Snapchat posts, it looks like they had a blast together! *cue the feels*

Even though Karan doesn’t get to see Debby as often as he’d like, he gets to see Peyton List and Skai Jackson quite often, since they are all part of Bunk’d, too. And while Cameron Boyce isn’t on the show, they also hang frequently because they work on sets that are right by each other!

“With Cameron, he’s on the same lot as us, so we see him a lot,” he said. “He’s like a brother to me, so I’m always at his house, [too].”

And if that’s not enough Jessie-cast love for you, Karan, Peyton, and Cameron’s recently took a trip to NYC where they met up with ANOTHER co-star — Kevin Chamerberlin, who is now on Broadway.

Considering that Bunk’d just got renewed for a second season, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Karan, Peyton, and Skai all together. Although it took some time for the show’s renewal, Karan is both relieved and excited to be working with his close friends once again.

“I was crossing my fingers the entire time because I love those guys. They’re family.”

So pumped! Be sure to check out Karan Brar and the rest of the Bunk’d crew on Disney Channel!

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