Wha-?! Taylor Swift Fans are BANNED from Using New Kanye West Dating App

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There’s a new dating app on the way for Kanye West fans, but there’s only one criteria for joining: one must not be a fan of Taylor Swift.

Out with Bumble and Tinder; in with Yeezy’s newest business venture into the dating world. The rapper is reportedly releasing an app, called Yeezy Dating, which is set to launch sometime this month, and is designed to connect Kanye fans with other Kanye fans. ’cause what better foundation for a relationship than a mutual love and respect for Kanye West, you know?

While Kanye stans are waiting for the app to launch, people have noticed something pretty interesting on the app’s website. The site, which allows fans to get early access before the app officially launches, includes a not-so-subtle disclaimer that reads, “Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website.” OUCH!

The shady disclaimer also included a snake emoji, which, as we all know, is the symbol that Kim Kardashian-West used when referring to Taylor back when infamous feud went down over whether or not Taylor approved the lyrics about her in Kanye’s song, “Famous.”

Although no other information has yet been released regarding the app’s details, the site has been sharing photos of the one and only Kanye West, as well as promoting the launch on Instagram. Not gonna lie, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to hear about all of the Yeezy Dating success stories and dating fails that are sure to come out of Ye’s newest venture. As for the Taylor Swift shade, the saga continues…