12 Guys Kaley Cuoco Has Dated Throughout Her Career

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Kaley Cuoco Dating Timeline


Kaley Cuoco has been gracing our TV screens as Penny on The Big Bang Theory for over a decade and, at this point, it’s kind of like we’ve grown up with her. That being said, CBS recently announced that the forthcoming twelfth season will be the last one, meaning that, somehow, some way, we’re going to have to get used to not seeing Kaley on our screens all the damn time.

Although everyone would probably agree that Kaley’s career has been a huge success, she, unfortunately, hasn’t been quite as lucky in her love life. Over the past decade, Kaley’s been linked to quite a few different men, and while some of her relationships ended with engagement or divorce, others hardly lasted very long at all. These days, however, Kaley is a happily married woman, but let’s not forget that it was a long road to get to where she is now. Don’t believe us? We’ve outlined Kaley’s entire dating history for you right here! Check it out: