A Gay YouTuber Confirms She Has a New Girlfriend — by Posting a Makeout Pic!

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No questions left here! In the months following her breakup from fellow YouTube star Lucy Sutcliffe, Kaelyn Petras started spending a lot of time (well, on Instagram, at least) with someone named Alycia Marie B. Three weeks ago, the 28-year-old posted a picture of the pair following a skydiving adventure, and while there was an innocent kiss-on-the-cheek happening, she used a DIFFERENT smooch photo to confirm their relationship.

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“I’m thankful for her,” Kaelyn caption the shot posted on Thanksgiving.

Some fans are elated for the animal-lover, writing things like, “She’s [a] beaut! Be happy x” and “I am glad you are happy” on the picture. Others, however, think she moved on from the long-term relationship too quickly.

“This picture is just about flaunting your relationship, I think that’s why it rubs a lot of people the wrong way,” one person commented. “I hope you didn’t cheat on Lucy, but if you did this is gross.”

“If that is the Alycia girl that’s really sad. While it’s fine to move on and everyone is happy for your happiness, you had been friends with that girl / interacting with her on Instagram before you and Lucy broke up… kind of sad and messed up,” another wrote.

Based on their Instagram paged, Alycia and Kaelyn have worked together for quite some time now — way before the public couple broke up.

The veterinarian and her longtime girlfriend broke up in August saying that they started to grow apart toward the end of their decade-long romance.

“We realized that we have grown apart and our personalities were very different and how we handle emotions was very different, and so…we decided to break up,” Lucy explained in the video.

Newsflash — two people CAN be just friends, even if they end up dating later.


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