This Web Star OBV Didn’t Learn from His 1st Arrest, ’cause He Got Busted Again

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It was just over a year ago that Juwany Roman, better known as Flamingeos on musical.ly, got arrested for having a fan meetup at a mall. It’s clear that the 17-year-old didn’t think getting into legal trouble was THAT big of a deal, because he hosted another public meet & greet for his supporters and — you guessed it — got cited once again!

The Muser and his pal, YouNower American Aladdin (his real name is Waleed Areiquat), invited their fans to come to an Orlando, Florida, shopping center to kick off Playlist Live 2017, not realizing (lol let’s be real — they totally knew what they were doing) that SO many people would show up. Apparently, the boys were breaking some sort of law because the cops quickly showed up and took the two boys away in handcuffs.

In true social-media star form, Geo decided his best option would be to whip out his phone and record the whole thing.

We’re not sure if the boys were taken to the police department, a holding cell, etc., but the 21-year-old tweeted that he his now “free.”

Wherever musical.ly stars go, drama follows.

Perhaps Geo and Waleed got arrested for trespassing, just like these YouTube stars: