Celeb Battle: Who’s the Hotter Celeb Roomie — Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling?

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Looks like Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford aren’t the only sexy pair of former roommates. Prior to their rise to mega-stardom, Justin Timberlake and his fellow Mouseketeer, Ryan Gosling, lived under the same roof! According to JT,

“[Ryan’s] mother had to keep her job in Canada the second year that we were on [The Mickey Mouse Club] and my mom was his guardian for like six months. So we actually lived together when we were that age.”

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So cool! Wonder what kinda shenanigans they got into as kids. But now that they’re both extremely gorg grown up, who do you think is hotter — Justin or Ryan? Vote in the poll, then gush about their hotness below!