From Our BFFs: Is Justin Timberlake Trying Out for Girls’ Field Hockey?

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So Justin Timberlake is an actor-slash-singer-slash-… girls’ FH player? Well, looks like he’s tryna be… [Popdust]

We “Just Can’t Get Enough” of The Black-Eyed Peas. But it looks like we’re gonna have to get over it. Fast. [Cambio]

Our friends got the inside look at Justin Bieber‘s snazzy new penthouse hotel suite. Think he invited Selena Gomez over for a little make out cuddle sesh?! [J-14]

Lemonade Mouth star Hayley Kiyoko hinted at a collab with the show, So Random! LM plus So Random = So Awesome! [Just Jared Jr.]

In other great TV news, Keke Palmer is also set to be a guest star… on Degrassi! Looks like True Jackson really is a [M]VP. [JSYK]

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are working on their own reality series. Let’s hope it turns out better than Nick and Jessica’s show…  and basically every other celeb couple’s reality show. Yikes. [Wetpaint]

Daniel Radcliffe talks about the can’t-bare-to-think-about end of Harry Potter and his future plans… after Broadway. [Seventeen]

Botox anyone? Not for ex-Transformers pretty girl, Megan Fox, who’s been facing a lot of heat for her perfect pout and flawless features. So she cleared the air with pics that show she’s au naturel. We’re jeal. [Hollywire]

Paris Hilton spilled on her childhood dreams and how they did NOT come true. Gee, she must live a hard life. [Posh24]

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