High School Musical 3 Star Sentenced to Jail for the Most Dumb AF Stunt

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The cast of High School Musical has been plagued by scandals on more than one occasion. Leading man Zac Efron entered rehab for a cocaine addiction; leading lady Vanessa Hudgens sent naked pictures when she was underage… and they leaked; HSM3 actor Matt Prokop abused girlfriend Sarah Hyland for years. However, this is the first time any member has been sentenced to jail (as far as the public knows, anyway).

In July 2015, Justin Martin, who portrayed Donny Dion in the last installment of the franchise, was arrested after allegedly getting into a gun fight… with the police! TMZ reported that he was taken into custody for “unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm — and two counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon.” Now, the verdict is in on the case against him, and it is NOT good.

Though the maximum sentence for the 22-year-old’s crimes is 3 years, he pleaded guilty to the five gun charges, so he will be placed behind bars for 18 months, and will be on probation for one year, under which he must stay clear of drugs and alcohol, as well as the scene of the crime.

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