Oh Ya Know, Derek Justin Bieber Just Hanging Out, “Having a Convo” (video)

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OMFG. Does Justin Bieber have a twin brother named Derek that we don’t know about or something? Unfortch, no, and there aren’t two identical Biebers. But regardless, that’s what Justin wants the paparazzi to believe! The Biebs was getting stalked by a TMZ photog who was asking him a bunch of questions, and Bieber responded by saying “I’m famous? I’m a celebrity? My name is Derek. I’m just a lookalike.” Oh, silly Biebs. Always the jokester.

Watch the vid of it all going down!

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Ha! Do you wish Bieber had a twin? Are you happy Justin gave it right back to the paps? Tell us what you think below, Bieber fans!