Justin Bieber’s Former Hamster Pac Passes Away

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OK seriously, Justin Bieber is having the worst. month. ever. Not only did he have the “worst birthday,” but he passed out during a concert, his car was involved in a hit and run, he lunged and cursed at a paraprazzo, had to cancel a concert in Portugal, his ex-GF basically called him a douche bag in front of the whole world, and now, his beloved pet hamster Pac has gone to hamster heaven.

Justin gave the little creature to a fan named Tori back in December, but sadly, Pac has passed away. Tori broke the news on Twitter, saying, “Little hamster heaven.” A flurry of Beliebers starting tweeting about the sad news, which lead to Tori’s many retweets, as well as #RIPPac trending on Twitter worldwide.

It’s not all sad though, as Tori followed up the many RTs by writing, ‘U guys are the best! So happy I have an amazing Belieber family! #RIPpac is trending & it’s bc of u & it’s what I needed! So #MuchLove.” Pac will surely be missed.

What do you think about the sad news? Should Justin get another pet now? Or should he mourn the loss of Pac a little longer? Sound off in the comments!

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