8 Times Justin Bieber was Spotted with a Total Selena Gomez Lookalike

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Selena Gomez has her fair share of lookalikes. Any time we watch a new episode of Teen Wolf, we have to do a double-take, like, “OMG, IS THAT SELENA?!” That is, until we realize that it’s just Victoria Moroles, the 24-year-old “Hands to Myself” singer’s younger celebrity doppelganger. Then, of course, there’s Maia Mitchell, who’s been dubbed the love child of Selena & Kendall Jenner, as well as Lucy Hale, Rachel Bilson, etc.

But did you know that there are a bunch of models and lesser-known actresses that bear similar features to those of Selena, too? Yup, it’s true. And you wanna know how we know that? Two words: Justin Bieber. Sel’s 22-year-old ex-boyfriend has been spotted with a bevy of beauties who look remarkably like the Wizards of Waverly Place alum, and that’s not even including his “Baby” counterpart, Jasmine V, whom he was with prior to ever hooking up with the former Disney Channel babe.

To see for yourself, you know what you gotta do. Here are eight times Justin Bieber was spotted with a total Selena Gomez lookalike:

1. When people noticed the slight resemblances between Justin’s latest squeeze, model Sofia Richie, and his former love.

2. In July 2016, when he reportedly put the moves on model Alexandra Rodriguez.

3. That time he was caught with a “mystery brunette” in January 2016.

4. When his music video girl from “What Do You Mean,” Xenia Deli, was SelGo’s clone. The track was based off the Latina superstar, so it makes sense.

5. And before that, when he got over Selena, once more, with another beauty, model Yovanna Ventura, in summer 2014.

6. That time he was spotted with actress Fernanda Paes in November 2013.

7. That other time in 2013, when people couldn’t tell whether the Biebs took a picture with Selena or model Ashley Moore.

8. When model Rachel Barnes appeared in JB’s “Boyfriend” music video in May 2012. Things got REAL confusing when Selly visited him on the set of the production.

Justin Bieber sure does get around. Here are seven beauties he was linked to in 2016 alone: