10 Times Justin Bieber Experienced an Embarrassing AF Wardrobe Malfunction

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Dolphin Films

Considering Justin Bieber has been in the public eye for less than a decade — he released his My World EP back in 2009 — it’s hard to believe how much his style has changed in so little time. From his flippy hair days when he wore a lot of purple and flashed a lot of peace signs, the “Sorry” singer moved into more statement pieces, not afraid to sport a bright red suit or leopard print shoes. Then there was the sagging stage when his pants were thisclose to falling off all the time, and now he’s just super tatted and super casual.

And while it’d be so fun to go back and document all of the questionable fashion choices The Biebs has made over the years, we had a little something else in mind. Sure, he’s made headlines for some of his stranger looks, but the 23-year-old has also been the victim of quite a few wardrobe malfunctions. So let’s take a look at which ones he pulled off — and which ones he 100 percent could have avoided with a better belt.