Drugs Found on Bieber’s Tour Bus, But Is the Media Giving Him a Bad Rap?

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In the midst of reports that Justin Bieber may be rekindling his romance with Selena Gomez, the 19-year-old singer’s thrust into the headlines for marijuana once again. Only this time, it’s not for alleged use of the substance, but for a search of the drug on his tour bus that he may or may not have been on.

According to E! News, police in Stockholm searched Bieber’s tour bus after they believed they smelled marijuana. “No one was on board when cops searched the bus, but… they did find a small amount of narcotics and a taser.”

However, the story continues to mention that the police “would not say what drug they found, only that the drugs ‘have been sent for analysis’ and ‘the stun gun has been seized’.”

As it progressed, the media learned that no one will be charged in this case because there’s no way to determine who the drugs or weapon belong to, or who brought it on board. No word from Bieber’s camp on the topic specifically, but Justin did send out this interesting tweet:

Now comes the question: Is JB just getting a bad rap in the media for no reason, or is it only a matter of time before he’s caught doing… something? Leave your thoughts on the subject below!

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